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by gouxiong on 2011/07/02

Charles Paoletti
20th Generation Chen Style Taiji
3rd Generation Hunyuan Taiji
Los Angeles, California USA
(310) 507-5428

I began studying Taiji in 1991 under Dr. Fred Wu in Columbus Ohio. I studied many styles of Kungfu but my focus was always Taiji. I learned Lee’s Modified Yang Style and Chen Style Yilu. I studied with Dr. Wu until he passed away in 2000.

I met Chen Zhonghua on my first trip to China in September 2001. Master Chen was the organizer of the trip. During that trip I spent 11 days with Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang learning the Hun Yuan Qigong, 24 form and 38 form. I also met Master Li Enjiu and pushed hands with some of his students many of which were national push hands champions.

In 2002 I attended Master Chen Zhonghua’s first full time study program in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. On the Chinese New Year 2003 I was accepted by Master Chen Zhonghua as his disciple in an official ceremony. I continued my full time study in a second term during 2003. In all, I spent almost 10 months studying fulltime with Master Chen Zhonghua in Edmonton. I became a certified instructor of all forms of  the Chen Style Practical Method and Hunyuan systems.

In the fall of 2004 I returned to China with Master Chen Zhonghua. During that trip I met many of Grandmaster Hong Junsheng’s disciples and I attended the ceremony where Master Chen was officially recognized as the International Standard Bearer of Hong’s Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method.

I continue to travel to Edmonton and meet Master Chen at seminars across North America to continue my instructions.

I currently reside in Los Angeles, California where I teach Chen Style Practical Method and Chen Style Hunyuan Taiji and Qigong.

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