Connection to the ground

by Niko on 2011/02/08

Just one brief observation i made sunday during PH with Martin – i think he will attend the WS in Freising too, since he is starting to appreciate your Taiji-wisdom. First, i led him push with both hands my pelvis-bones and i could resist his push by cennecting both contact-spots to my feet.

When he pushed  instantly with full force it is and was still difficult to get the timing, but when he applied the force slower i could adapt quite well.
This gave me confidence that i can do it, and adapting to faster moves is just a matter of further training and refinement. One other thing is, that when
he pushed on my torso, i connected the spot to my feet which gave me much stability, but then i observed and tried to split the contact point into
yin and yang. So his force on the spot was further diminshed. This was a great experience i will try to focus on in future sessions. Generally, i
feel it easier to isolate a spot on my trunk, than on the arms. So i think, that is the next step, to get the connections from my outer limbs to the ground. But i feel, that i will need your assistance on that point, before it starts working.I can only thank you again and again for the instructions and by thinking, that you will be here soon, i get a smile on my face 🙂
I will keep you informed and wish you a nice week.

p.s. i like the wolve on the wall in the recent video about Levi Sowers 😉

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