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Hi, just some thoughts here i actually wanted to post on the specific category, but that is not possible anymore. It deals with shoulder and Kua and the connections between the trigrams. Read more

Just one brief observation i made sunday during PH with Martin – i think he will attend the WS in Freising too, since he is starting to appreciate your Taiji-wisdom. First, i led him push with both hands my pelvis-bones and i could resist his push by cennecting both contact-spots to my feet. Read more

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Shoulder and Kua 14

by Nikolai on 2011/01/11

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These videos were shot during the three months full time course at DaQingShan 2010.

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Thoughts on Taiji i

by Nikolai on 2010/06/21

Here just two quotes from Master Chen on  Taiji one can meditate on :

1. Taiji is the mastery of time

2. You fight until you loose – otherwise you won’t feel the energy