Bentonville, AR, USA Sunday 6 Feb 2011 Sun PM session

by Richard Johnson on 2011/02/06

Sunday PM Session

Zhuo – adherence

Never on, never off

Waist never on, hand always off.

Inside never off, outside never on.

Revolution – waist;  Rotation – spine

Johns Brown’s leaning question – keep center from moving.

2-person rotation drill

One locks, one attempts to rotate.


For everything in the universe, the outside is stronger the the inside. For Taijiquan, the outside is strong, but the inside is volitile.

Steel ball covered with oil analogy – Oil is the function, the ball is rotation.

Richard Johnson

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Richard Johnson February 12, 2011 at 11:54 am

Here are the Sunday afternoon notes. I missed Sunday morning to go to church.


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