Two Lines of Energy Online Video Trailer

by admin on 2011/01/12

This lesson covers a foundation Taiji principle of Yin/Yang separation by opening the joints to generate power. Key words: normal / trained  inside / outside   differentiation. Two lines of energy.  Author: Chen Zhonghua Length: 13 min. In: English Year: 2010 Difficulty:2/5 At:Edmonton

Two Lines of Energy
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Richard Johnson August 29, 2014 at 2:23 am

This is a fundamental skill that takes time and practice to start developing skill. Best to start now. It turns your Yilus into Taijiquan, otherwise you are just doing a dance.

There is another good video on the topic called Two Lines and a Stretch. While on the same topic, the two videos have two different perspectives of presentation. It is really worth having both.


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