Qi Yucheng Hunyuan 24 Form

by admin on 2011/01/07

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Master Qi Yucheng is a disciple of Grandmaster Ni Yuanhai and president of the Victoria Hill Martial Art School in Yiyuan, Shandong, China. Master Ni served as head taiji instructor at the famous Zitongshan Martial Art Academy for 11 years prior to establishing his own school. Master Ni competed in form and push hands numerous times in China and won many gold medals including a light weight push hand gold at the bi-annual competition in Jiaozuo, Henan (the Chen Village Competition).

This demonstration was at Grandmaster Li Enjiu’s Standard Bearer Ceremony held in Jinan in Jan. 2003. Master Qi attended this ceremony together with his master Ni Yuanhai.

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