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by blaininator on 2010/04/08

Master Chen,
So I have been practicing the loose step a lot…basically the receiving end is the opposite of the issuing end of the body, if receiving left side then right side is issuing, and of course these are interchangeable.
My question is when I separate the kua, I have a fixed point (kua closest to opponent) that I keep invisible yet the other side is a not invisible or catches force kua farthest from opponent)? Not sure how to explain this correctly…just that one side it appears has to be undetectable and one side has to catch and or push force. I guess Yin Yang? Between the two sides? I am not really explaining this right but have a good idea about it. I am also starting to understand getting the force to the hand by duplicating the feeling between the two kuas, you just make two points, and I am now assuming that eventually the second point is your opponents point…so one point in us catches force (transfers but it feels like a catching to me) and then the “other” point that we practice in our body for training eventually should be the receiving point with an invisible center in between the two? So then when I set this up do I have to measure the distance between my transfer point and my opponents point and then split the difference…and use that spot to rotate around…sorry I may be getting ahead of myself here, and lost…seemed to make sense though.
Thanks Blake

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