London Heathrow Airport

by admin on 2010/04/08

Planned everything well for this European trip but ended up putting the power adapters in the luggage. Now I am sitting in the London Heathrow Airport with a 5 hr layover, without any power. There is enough battery power to write a few notes. I was fairly luck on this first leg of the trip from Edmonton. For some reason they bumped me to business class! No complaints from me for the change! Couldn’t get any sleep on the flight, as usual. I am not sure whether I will be fit enough for class tonight. I am arriving in Dublin at 6:45 and there is a class this evening. It’s supposed to start at 7 but they will wait till I arrive. Approaching London from Edmonton took me on a different direction before landing. I got to see a different landscape of London this time, compared to the Toronto flight.

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