Ireland Workshop 2010

by admin on 2010/04/10

Busy last few days. Getting used to the goat smell  in the coffee. Still cannot figure out whether it is in the water or in the cream. Workshop is going well. We spent more time on push hands this year. Yesterday’s schedule was light but ended up quite a heavy one. Corrected Hans on his Yilu. He had learned it by himself before the workshop. Remarkable job completing the Yilu on his own through DVD! Except of few directional changes, most of his moves are all in place! Hans is from Belgium.

John Kavanagh arrived late last night. Hans and I were waiting up just in case he wasn’t able to get into the B&B. We ended up in the living room till 12:30!

Bright and clear day today on Sunday. Last day of workshop here and I will be in Finland tomorrow.

More push hands.

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