Victoria Workshop Focused on Applications!

by admin on 2008/03/31

The Victoria Workshop was held from March 29th to 30th. It was sponsored by Gord Muir and was held at Ted Truscott’s Karate Dojo in Langford, Victoria.

In addition to the Victoria main contingent, we were joined by Jay Smith from Mission, B.C, and Michelle Devries from Courtney, B.C.

The core group have finished Yilu, Sword and are working on Cannon Fist. Most are very familar with foundations.

Saturday saw non-stopping action on application drills. Of course the day was started with foundations. The focus was real (or a bit more real than slow form) situation speed. Applications from the first 6 moves of Yilu were taken out and practiced with partners.

Sunday morning was spent working on more foundations and then Cannon Fist. Master Chen demonstrated the entire form. Back to more applications again. In the afternoon, Master Chen gave a lot of theoretical information. A question and answer period followed. The questions were mainly verbal, the answers were all physical demonstrations. Master Chen demonstrated applications, gave details of the circles and then explained hands on with students how to identify the center, or the dot on the opponent’s body and how to utilize it.

Overall it was a successful workshop with about 20 people.

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