Qigong Brought Back my Health

by Gene Hess on 2005/03/16

Gene Hess
Date: 3/16/2005 1:00
Title: Qigong brought back my health
Reviewer: Gene Hess
Organizer: John Brown
Location: Fairfield, IA, USA

Comments: Interestingly enough, as I just finished another appointment with my chiropractor, he asked me what I have been doing differently lately. (I have been seeing him about once every three months, for about ten years, on a regular schedule, after I got stabilized from my car/train accident in 1987. He has always had the same ‘trouble’ spots that need to be realigned.) This time, he says that I am a lot more stabile and need far fewer adjustments. I tell him that I am standing every day for at least 30 minutes, focusing on keeping the curves in my spine minimized and keeping a centered posture. He says “Keep doing it. It is making a big difference!” That tells me that just 6 months of standing is some pretty powerful stuff.

Thanks again, Joseph … Gene Hess

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