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Student Photos of The Dragon’s Abyss on Daqingshan in 2016. Read more

This is a photo of construction of the Daqingshan Hotel (4-star) on Nov. 17, 2012. This hotel must be completed by May for the May 25, 2013 Daqingshan International Taiji Festival.

  1. Power supply: China uses 220 v, not 11o like in North America. Check your appliances. Read more

  1. Master Chen does not have a formalized teaching schedule or method. His teaching is based on traditional method. It is influenced by the mood of the day or occasion. This means when he is happy and the right ambiance is present, he might teach more than normal. Read more

Sean Moxley Resume i

by webmaster on 2010/04/01

To Master Chen and Daqingshan administration,

My name is Sean Moxley from Regina, Saskatchewan.  I am a student of Ronnie Yee’s and have been studying Chen Style Taijiquan for about a year.  Before that I studied Kung Fu for a number of years.  Read more


To embark on an enlightening career of self-discovery and spiritual healing for myself as well as my clients. Read more

Daqingshan International Taiji Training Center Read more

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