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To Master Chen and Daqingshan administration,

My name is Sean Moxley from Regina, Saskatchewan.  I am a student of Ronnie Yee’s and have been studying Chen Style Taijiquan for about a year.  Before that I studied Kung Fu for a number of years.  I shifted my training to Yoga to help deal with injuries and inflexibility, while exploring its spiritual dimension, and had the opportunity to begin instructor training.  Meeting Ronnie Yee has rekindled my interest in martial arts and I have the desire to take my study of Taijiquan further.  Although I have not been practicing Chen style for very long, I am certain that this is the direction I want my training to go in.  Through my past experience I understand that learning martial arts takes effort and dedication, and training fulltime would be a great opportunity.  I have the unique opportunity to travel for an extended period of time and would like to train at Daqingshan for the full three months in 2008.  In terms of other needs I should mention that I am a vegetarian, but I don’t think this will be much of a problem.  If you would like more information, please contact me.

Sean Moxley


Apt. 27 2915 14th Ave.
Regina, Saskatchewan, S4T 1R6
(306) 536-9451

My experience in martial and health arts:

Chung Wah Kung Fu (2000-2006)-  focused on Shaolin kung fu, introduced to Qigong

and simplified Yang style Tai Chi.

The Yoga Den (2006-present)- learning many aspects of traditional Yoga, beginning

instructor training in May 2007, to be completed roughly May 2008.

Chen Style Taijiquan (2007-present)- training with Ronnie Yee in Chen style foundation

and First Form.

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