Nicholas Fung馮嘉傑(香港)

今天是上了馮教練的第四堂,所看的,聽的 ,練的,馬步,胯,肩,肘練法,全跟以前所學,所知不同,但道理卻環環相扣,相互支持。
每一個動作,對我,都是困難的,幸得同學(師兄)John and Pascal 所助,馮教練細心講解,鼓勵及紏正,使我能輕嘗到正確學習之趣,每一個

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After the 2-days Hong Kong Chen style Taiji practical method workshop held on 17&18 Dec, I joined the regular foundation Sunday class. Starting from my 1st day training, I learned the importance of the kua opening. When doing twist-towel or fetch water foundation, by opening the Kua, power can be transferred from the foot (ground) to the hand. Read more

Date: December 17 – 18 2016

Contact: Nicholas Fung

14138127_1225470587484056_3943916346075667431_oFresh new Mr. accountant John and I had a catch up today and celebrated. Despite his absence, he has been keeping up with the basics and was able to develop new moves on the basketball court. Yeah, he sent a guy rolling across the court when pushed from behind. I am impressed! And, John didn’t know what had happened except for not moving!



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