Nicholas Fung馮嘉傑(香港)


As a result of studying some videos and increasing my practice time, I came across some new discoveries that need some confirmation. Read more

I just dug up my Yilu Detailed Instruction that I own since who knows how long ago.  Not only are there a lot of answers, but it is like watching a brand new video!  There are subtleties in there that I didn’t see before!

The road to Taiji has not been a straight path, and now that I am on my way, I find it difficult to relate to people of my experience. Nonetheless, here is another attempt.  I had arrived this year on Daqingshan the third of August.  I was especially excited this year because my discipleship ceremony took place this year.   Read more

In my discipleship application, I mentioned that the difficulty and the beauty of Taiji is that it is boarder line magic.  It is difficult to learn, yet it is beautiful to watch and see it applied.   Read more

I had to curtail my Xiamen trip because I got a slight case of sun stroke.  The culprit was that those were the hottest days; and that in typical Chinese fashion, the electricity department decided to shut down the power in the middle of the nights for some sort of repair; the neighbours were too loud to catch up on some sleep during the day (it was still too hot anyway); and that we had too many passengers for an 9 hour ride.

This gave me the chance to visit Dr. Choi here in Taipo.  I have passed by Dr. Choi’s clinic many times, Read more

Hello all my Taiji brothers and sister!

I just registered this site, and breaking it in by dropping you all a line and say “hello”.  I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones on Daiqingshan this August!  I will be accepted as a disciple!  I am very excited about it!