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While I was still living in Hong Kong, I have started with 300 a day.  John Upshaw and I have been exchanging and we decided 3 months ago to increase it to 600 a day – 3oo per leg, and log our sets on Facebook.  We promised to do this until July 24.  This is when Master Chen will visit Iowa for their workshop.  Since then, the likes of Kelvin Ho, Tinh Thai, and Winston Wang have joined.  Even my student Simon Yau has jumped in on the action!  Every day, I look forward to my brothers giving me the thumbs up next to my “done”.
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I will be in Hong Kong March 29th to April 2nd, 2019 for private and one day of group class at the
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You are looking at the aftermath of the Hong Kong workshop.  Apparently, Master sent Wu (the guy fixing the wall) flying into the wall  I hope the action is captured in the video:

WeChat Image_20181121142854 WeChat Image_20181121142903 WeChat_20181121142840



Apple fall detection screen



Over the past weekend at the Hong Kong workshop, Master Chen’s move on KT trigged the fall detection feature on the Apple Watch Series 4:

The incredible thing was that KT hasn’t fallen.  He merely was knocked away from Master Chen.  Obviously, this blow has enough acceleration and gyration on KT and in turn the Apple Watch asked if KT needs medical attention.

Will we see the day that we can use the watch replacing the needs for mats?

Any engineers here can shed some light on the physics?




I was privileged to spend a couple of days with Master and Master Sun.  Here are my notes:

The opponent completes the circuit. When you are about to fall, that is when your power transfers. This goes back to an explanation where Master propped up two cards leaning on each other. Master said that his previous videos showing this technique received a lot of flack since it looked like he was stumbling.

The shoulder has to rotate while the Kua moves up. What is outside is outside. Inside is inside. Hand coming in is the result of failing to achieve this.

Elbow in is the only focus. Any other focus causes power to go to other parts.

Only up and down. No sideways. I have been leaning during Walk Obliquely. Read more

While tumbling to the ground, I have made up my mind to study from Master Chen.

Back in 2003, after watching Master Chen’s Youtube videos, I sent him an email asking if I could observe his class. Among the videos, his demonstration with Michael sticks out. Despite a much more petite statue, tossing Michael around seemed effortless for Master. Later on, I found out that Michael isn’t only a 9th-degree black belt, but he is also a cop who has caught over 200 thieves. Simply put, he is no slouch.

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Your Next Step After A Workshop
I watched master’s videos; it was the one where he demonstrated with Master Michael Calandra to be exact that got me curious. I thought, gosh, there is something very different here. He bounced and dropped people with what seemed to be minimal effort. I sent Master Chen an email asking if I could have a look at his next workshop and he gladly invited me. After driving about forty-five minutes to Langley, I sat and watched, and sure enough, it was the same as what I saw in the videos. The only remaining thing to do is to have a try. I walked up and asked Master Chen if I could push him (in hindsight, that was pretty stupid – the right kind of stupid for learning Practical Method). Read more

A potential participant of our upcoming November 28th, 29th, 30th Hong Kong workshop posed the following questions. Sifu suggested that I pose the answers here so that everyone, especially newcomers, would benefit: Read more

Early Bird by Oct 31st, 2017; 2000 HKD, 2200HKD thereafter for all three nights.
三晚學費為港幣二千二百元. 十月三十一日前繳費為港幣二千元.

One night: 1200 HKD
Two nights: 1800 HKD

Private lesson: 1600 HKD/2hours. Please contact me to arrange a time:
私人課為每兩小時一千六百元. 安排時間請接洽:

Registration: send the following to

– proof of bank transfer to Stand Chartered Bank account number 33019969831 (foreign students please contact me for an alternate arrangement)
– your t-shirt size
– your name and nights of participation

報名辦法: 電郵以下資料到
– 傳款至渣打銀行戶口33019969831的證明. (海外學員請跟本人接洽)
– 閣下的T恤尺碼
– 閣下的姓名及參與的日期

Nicholas Fung +85266894296 馮

The topic of why we practice Kung Fu slowly in Taiji came up recently. Take for example the Elbow In exercise, what are we trying to achieve with it? Alignment. When the alignment is right, when the elbow is truly in, the opponent holding your hand and wrist will find it hard not to pop and gets sucked into you via your arm. When we practice slowly, we are a) feeling our way to this alignment and b) establishing the habit of being in this Elbow In position during exchanges.

Starting slow and feeling your way and establishing a habit apply to all sorts of learning. Take for example my other hobby, guitar. I certainly don’t turn my drum machine or the backing track to the maximum speed during my first trial/initial learning stage until I have some hours under my belt. When I practice slowly, I find economy in my movement when I have to change chords, it gives me time to digest how to orient my fingers before I need to change chords.

This economy is the same with the Elbow In exercise. My opponent pops when my body has enough economy, if you will, to facilitate a path for my elbow to move into the perfect alignment. This economy consists of building up your body to allow your Kua to open and turned up to meet your shoulder, while my fingers remain pointing at my opponent’s spine throughout the during of the elbow moving in. At the meantime, for your body to remain still/not moving, we maintain a fixed head by imagining the head is leaning against a solid object. In my class, our core exercises are Elbow In with the rubber cord; fetch water with the Yoga block against the knee; and the 1,2,3 step.

Give it a try; the results may surprise you!

最近談起打太極拳為什麼要慢。以收肘為例、到底收肘是練甚麼?是練對準。能對準、肘真正的能收就能輕鬆的把對方蹦起而吸到你身邊。 慢慢練收肘是要練 a) 體驗肘要放那個位才是準、b)養成這對準的習慣。




今天是上了馮教練的第四堂,所看的,聽的 ,練的,馬步,胯,肩,肘練法,全跟以前所學,所知不同,但道理卻環環相扣,相互支持。
每一個動作,對我,都是困難的,幸得同學(師兄)John and Pascal 所助,馮教練細心講解,鼓勵及紏正,使我能輕嘗到正確學習之趣,每一個

16112635_1369577439740036_2119818157674865211_o 16179455_1369576793073434_2712227301777953541_o 16179447_1369575939740186_3125897079135727291_o

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After the 2-days Hong Kong Chen style Taiji practical method workshop held on 17&18 Dec, I joined the regular foundation Sunday class. Starting from my 1st day training, I learned the importance of the kua opening. When doing twist-towel or fetch water foundation, by opening the Kua, power can be transferred from the foot (ground) to the hand. Read more

Date: December 17 – 18 2016

Contact: Nicholas Fung

14138127_1225470587484056_3943916346075667431_oFresh new Mr. accountant John and I had a catch up today and celebrated. Despite his absence, he has been keeping up with the basics and was able to develop new moves on the basketball court. Yeah, he sent a guy rolling across the court when pushed from behind. I am impressed! And, John didn’t know what had happened except for not moving!



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It is nearly time, again, to say goodbye to the great scenery, Taiji brothers and sisters, the local folks, and the great food here on Daqingshan.  I am due for this report.

I have only one suggestion to offer my fellow Taiji brothers and sisters for their quests, and that is to watch Shifu.  At that, to put it bluntly: shut up, and watch.   Read more

When Master asked me to write about Taiji from the point of view of a dancer, I thought it was a rather insurmountable task.  I feel that I know so little about both. Yes, I have danced what is collectively known as Salsa for 18 years, but the old adage is that the more you know, the more you don’t know.  I have been reluctant to put anything on paper. Read more

On the way to Singapore, Master Chen will have an open house in Hong Kong.

Location: 萬御堂, 寶湖道寶湖花園地下104號鋪
Thursday, February 23, 2012  7:00pm until 10:00pm

Contact: Nicholas Fung  +852 66894296
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We have completed a very successful first workshop. Students came from Hong Kong, Shenzhen, China, and Singapore. Tons of information were presented. Notes from the workshop will come online soon.

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實用拳法 @ 嶺南大學

Master: Double checking:  Aside from the Kua opening, i.e. making a line towards the opponent, the Kua also rotates?  That is it turns like a wheel along that line?  That feeling is rather strong lately. Thanks!  Nicholas

Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Methody by Nicholas Fung at Lingnan University starting Sept. 26th, 2011.

2011-09-26     Mon     19:00-20:30     SAC Room 2     1435     PE     Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method

Lingnan U’s location:
8 Castle Peak Road, Tuen Mun, New Territories
Tel: (852) 2616-8888
Fax: (852) 2463-8363

Michael Koh is in HK visiting us.  He brought along a local friend K.V. to our usual Monday night practice.  Along with K.T. and John, we practiced from 8pm to 10 pm.  We did some drills and push hand, and lots of discussion on Taiji principle.  I am hosting Michael in my brand spanking new place in the countryside.  We talked more about Taiji till 2 in the morning before we turned in:

Practical Method Hong Kong Facebook

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Perhaps this would be a motivation for you all for the new year.  Matisse is my cousin’s kid, and if I am not mistaken, he is now 5/6 years old. From time to time, I would teach him Kung Fu.  While playing in the park, he busted out a few moves:

Uncle Nick is so proud, Matisse!

Jinan Television Interview on Hong Junsheng, Xu Guicheng, Meng Xianbin, etc.

Shifu:  Hello from sunny Hong Kong!  Weather has been hot, yes 25 degrees hot till yesterday. We are down to a chilling 20 degree now with a light breeze. Read more


Here I am practicing in the harsh HK winter,  a whole 22 degrees – eat your heart out, Canada! – the air is much dryer due to the winds, and the marble floor in my house is now nearly a skating rink.   Read more