The 2019 First Annual Practical Method Toronto Youth Tournament

by Susanna Chwang on 2020/06/19


Hi everyone! I’m Susanna Chwang, a Toronto disciple of Master Chen. I have been training Practical Method Taiji for 8 years.  The first annual Toronto Practical Method Tournament (affiliated with the Toronto District School Board Intramural Sports Program) was held on December 19, 2019. Children of all ages and every grade participated, some as young as 4 years old!

A full 30 competitors registered for the tournament day. They were divided into 7 divisions, split by their age, gender and weight. The tournament was carried out in 3 separate rings, the matches ending when a competitor achieved 2 points. A portion of the Toronto Practical Method team (Michael Lamberti, Jen-Yi Hum, Vinnie Sestito and Ben Phillips) administered and refereed the 3 rings. The principal of the school and 2 other teachers assisted as scorekeepers and tournament officials. My colleagues were impressed and excited as this was their first experience with a Tai Ji tournament! The parents were also very happy and excited, seeing their children use their skills to work physically with other competitors in a rigorous and respectful environment.

The participants learned about discipline through following the expectations and traditions of a Tai Ji tournament. It was incredible to watch as they learned to respectfully challenge each other in physical engagement. This is something that is missing in all elementary schools. When I mentioned, above, that my colleagues were impressed, this was a major reason – they witnessed students known for behavioural issues, who suffer from attention disorders, or physical acting out, follow rules and regs, bow and pay respectful attention to officials and their fellow competitors and enjoy a healthy process of competition.

Due to the COVID-19 regulatory mandates we have postponed our awards ceremony. Keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned to this channel!

I cannot express how beneficial PM has been for me personally, and the satisfaction and joy that I experience from passing on what Master Chen Zhonghua has so carefully taught me, to my community and the next generation is wondrous. I am happy to have an opportunity to make a small contribution to keeping a great lineage and tradition alive and healthy.


Go Team Practical Method!

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