Practical Method Taught to Guelph Youth

by Nick Mann on 2012/04/04

Nicholas Mann in Guelph, Ontario, has been teaching Tai Chi sessions to participants of Shake True Hoops basketball camps since 2010. These camps run in the summer and during student’s March break. There is also after school programing. The children and teenagers enjoy the sessions as a break from their basket ball skills development.

Specialty classes are also offered to Shake True Hoops elite player groups. These groups consist of elite high school and varsity basketball players. These sessions focus on balance, agility and stability.  Teaching these sessions has helped Nick understand that high level, focused, practitioners of  any physical skill have an easier time quickly picking up on body mechanics and physical skills.

These classes will hopefully continue for years to come, with new classes also soon to be offered in combination with Shake True Hoops and in co-operation with the city of Guelph.

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