Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy Teaching Staff Classification

by admin on 2020/06/16

The following are the official teaching staff levels recognized by Master Chen Zhonghua.

Technical Adviser

  • The highest technical guidance and supervision.

Head Instructor

  • The highest level in the teaching staff who provides technical guidance.

Qingshan Instructor

  • The highest instructor honour appointed by Master Chen Zhonghua.

Branch Instructor

  • The main instructor of a branch. An organization with more than three instructors may have a head instructor.


  • An individual who can teach independently.

Assistant Instructor

  • An individual who assists an instructor, and is in training to becoming an instructor.


  • All Chen Zhonghua disciples can conduct basic teaching.

Practice Leader

  • A senior student who leads other students in practice under the supervision of an instructor.

Class Assistant

  • An individual whos helps Master Chen Zhonghua or an instructor to organize and teach the classes.


2019 Qingshan Instructors

  • Chen Xu
  • Han Rui
  • Pang Chaoli
  • Ling Ziming
  • Kelvin Ho

2018 Qingshan Instructors

  • Chen Xu
  • Han Rui
  • Pang Chaoli
  • Ling Ziming

2017 Qingshan Instructors

  • Chen Xu
  • Han Rui
  • Ling Zili
  • Pang Chaoli

2016 Qingshan Instructors

  • Chen Xu
  • Han Rui

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