John Dahms Yilu (Month 2)

by John Dahms on 2020/06/16

Training Log for Prior Month

  • 300 Yilus

  • 75 Erlus

  • 15-30 Reps of Foundation Drills

  • Roughly 1 hour/day of watching Instruction videos/Form Videos

Areas of Focus – (Instructional Videos Referenced below)

  • Opening the Kua – mainly ensuring Kua is open upwards and is up on the front and somewhat down on the back.

  • Waist is starting to feel as though it is sitting a chair

  • Inside (Inside) Outside (Outside)

  • Don’t Deviate from the line

Areas to Improve

  • Shovel Out

  • Sit the Wrist / Tile Hand

  • Suspended Head


  • Knee pain is starting to subside

  • Joints are starting to feel more open and have more range

  • Body feels more stable and solid

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