Creating a stick in the rear leg

by Kelvin Ho on 2011/12/31

Recently, I notice when I rotate the rear kua in a certain way to bring the knee up, a stick seems to be created between the rear kua and the rear ankle. Note that the leg itself is actually not straight, it really is just like the half horse stance with the rear side longer than the front side. It feels like this stick can support me with the proper alignment against an incoming force.

Two images come to my mind:

  1. Master Chen has his back against the wall and lets others push onto his chest, he can easily wave off the push sideways with his hands.
  2. A tissue is normally nice and soft. In order to for it to have some structure, we can twist it into a little stick. The tighter the twist the stronger the stick.

With this, I see myself making an effort in rotating the kua rather than fighting against the incoming force directly.


About Kelvin Ho

I started learning Taiji from Master Chen Zhonghua at the Toronto workshop in Nov 2009, and became one of his disciples in Jan. 2013. I currently teach Practical Method in Toronto, Markham and Richmond Hill. Contact:

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Chen Zhonghua December 31, 2011 at 8:21 pm

Very good, Kelvin. It’s important at this point to know that you did not MAKE a stick. Instead, there was a stick in the first place. It is the fact that you can now rotate your kua instead of moving it that leaves the stick in place while changing angles of your force (rotating the kua). Understanding this will help you solidify what you are doing.


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