Sydney Workshop 2016 Notes

by admin2 on 2016/12/17

Notes by Brian Chung on day 1 of the workshop with Master Chen Zhonghua and Chen Xu.

Notes 2016-12-10 Sydney Workshop Day 1

1. Practical Method consists of Gongfa (jibengong), Quanfa (yilu, erlu, jian, dao, waxwood pole), Yongfa (tui shou, san shou).
2. We start with only the physical. In the end, there is nothing physical.
3. 3 things we don’t work with. Breathing, Fingers, Eating. We were born with these abilities.
4. The middle must come out.
5. Did you see the middle? Did you see the red?

6. San Dian. 3 points.
7. Three points on a line, A B C. B is the middle.
8. Every function is performed by the middle.
9. Master Chen said I don’t have enough power here (pointing to my torso after White Crane).
10. Lock the outside.
11. Power has to go to the calf.
12. Master Chen demonstrated his step. I was touching his knee. It did not move.
13. You have to fight the core. Don’t fight the outside.
14. Use the spin to get into his core.
15. Recognise the demarcation. Go to the other side.
16. The hand, elbow and shoulder are hooks.
17. Opponent holds on. Let it go.
18. Control the dot. Make your move and finish first.
19. Theory of two solids. 2 parts solid / 1 part moving is for push. 1 part solid / 2 parts moving is for pull.
20. Fire Schedule.
21. The less you have, the more you know.
22. Master Chen gave an visual example of doing 360 degrees with a pole.
23. Turning over of the joint.
24. One inch on the foot is nine inches on top.
25. When there is one, there must be two. When there is two, there must be three.



The following notes were collated by Brian Chung:

Notes 2016-12-09 Sydney UTS Demonstration

Master Chen and Chen Xu arrived in Sydney and conducted an introduction to Practical Method at the UTS Kung Fu club at 6pm.

1. We must learn factual things. It must be physical.
2. Beliefs are only good for a story to make you feel good.
3. IKEA. All the pieces are laid out. Now you are ready for instructions.
4. Look at the door every day.
5. Observe and implement.
6. Master Chen told a story about a dye experiment with water.
7. I cannot compare something I don’t know to something I know.
8. As Is.
9. Every part is given it’s due responsibility.
10. It takes 8 years to understand the body.
11. We only do things that are tangible.
12. Only look at the simple things. The important things will bare out on their own.
13. We never talk about breathing in the first three years.
14. There is no good or bad. The only thing is timing.
15. Everything has a sequence.
16. Find out the sequence of nature, try not to add to it.
17. Actions are different from results.
18. The real power is when there is no fear.
19. Traditionally, for the first 8 years, don’t touch anybody.
20. You mush finish your move.
21. Sensitivity is when you are not sensitive.
22. Grandmaster Hong never showed the wrong way.
23. In life, only the unsubstantial things are real.

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