Instructions : Lesson 1

Practical Method requires that the elbow cannot be hyper-extended. It cannot be strange. In our special language/terminology, we open the elbow with a result that it becomes lively (活).

This exercise is designed to form a habit that the elbow is always slight bent.


Dixian,底线,bottom line,  is the most basic of the Practical Method. It refers to things that cannot be questioned, discussed or researched. They are things that must be accepted in whole. Read more

Basic Knowledge for learning

(1) Jiaodui: Re-calibration

(2) Dixian: Bottom line

(3)Can Zhaowu: Reference Points Read more

Dixian 底线 (Bottom line) – Master Chen Zhonghua Zoom Lesson 2 on Augest 14, 2020

– We use the term dixian instead of “bottom line,” so that we can learn what Master Chen means for dixian. This is re-calibration.
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lilia KelIn taijiquan, we have a saying “Both hands and the heart are forgotten”, and “The body and mind are harmonized as one”. To be more direct, we say that the learning and the using are the same. Both Grandmasters Chen Fake and Hong Junsheng  said, “Practice the way you would use it”. One who can achieve this level of ability is certainly a skilled person. It is unfortunately too difficult to reach this level. Read more