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by Nicholas Fung馮嘉傑(香港) on 2010/08/13

In my discipleship application, I mentioned that the difficulty and the beauty of Taiji is that it is boarder line magic.  It is difficult to learn, yet it is beautiful to watch and see it applied.  It is a this sort of love hate relationship that keeps you frustrated and yet you would keep going back to perfect this magical skill.  In similar fashion, no matter how hard you tumble to the ground, you would always get up smiling, amused.

This second trip to Dai Qing Shan, I am glad to see that there are a lot more people; serious participants.  I am also glad to have these guests as witnesses to my discipleship ceremony.  That was truly a proud and joyous   This time around, I am having a lot of chances to push hands with all sorts of people.  Beginners and advance, the kids and the kids at heart.  Granted that none is at master’s level of magic; on the other hand, it is not hard to find someone with greater strength and/or skill than I.  The irony here is between our brother/sisterhood, we maintain a respect no matter how short a time we have been acquainted.  This is really rare especially for such a powerful art.  Virtually all the martial arts I had learned before are the opposite: when I felt pain, I felt a lot of vengeance.  Such is hardly the case with Taiji.

About Nicholas Fung馮嘉傑(香港)

I have studied under Master Chen Zhonghua since 2005. The majority of these classes are private classes. Right from the first trial class, I recognized the importance of spending quality one to one with this true Master. I am proud to be his disciple and have some results in my skills to show.

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