Edmonton Seminar 2013 Review

by Steven Cheng on 2013/07/10

I had a great time at this year’s Edmonton 7 day seminar even though I was only able to attend for two days.  We started out the mornings working through a lot of foundations, which I don’t drill as often as I should.  Every time I come to Edmonton I learn a lot of helpful drills that really help work out the details in parts of the form.

Master Allan led us through drills with step back to double shake the feet, part the wild horse’s mane and also using a partner to help maintain a fixed point in reversed coiling of forearm.  He kept a great balance between hard work on foundations, resting, and throwing in fun stories to keep us going.

Grandmaster Chen talked about power in taiji movements having two components that are directed out at 90 degrees from each other.  He demonstrated this with multiple applications and movements.  We were also told that applying a taiji move is like having three people attack at the same time.  We simulated this by getting into groups and having three people unbalance one.  Another surprise was learning how there are weak spots in different moves.  He was able to do a quick move with his hands against the fist of covering hand that felt like it could easily break an arm, even now I’m not sure how it worked.  Grandmaster Chen’s technique continues to amaze me and seems to advance at a blistering pace.  Even as I think I understand more taiji his technique seems to become even more magical every time I see it.

This year’s Edmonton seminar was definitely a worthwhile learning experience and one I hope to repeat again.



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