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Chen Baoshan i

by Hong Sen on 2011/02/15

Chen Baoshan was born in Feb. 1946. He studied Long Fist, 24-form taijiquan, Broadsword, staff, etc. while he was working at the Shanghai Optics Factory in Shanghai. After he was transferred back to Jinan for work, he started learning Chen Style Taijiquan from Hong Junsheng in 1980. Read more

Master Li Chugong was born in 1936 in Gaomi, Shandong province. Read more

Hong Sen 1

by Hong Sen on 2010/12/28

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王如敏简历 i

by Hong Sen on 2010/11/30

王如敏,男,1945年生,济南人。笔名鲁敏,字宜然,号云水子。国家一级美术师,一级书法师。现为“世界楹联学会加拿大总会”理事、“中华诗词学会”会员、“中国美术家协会山东分会”会员、“山东画院”高级画师、“中国北方诗书画研究院”名誉院长、“中共中央办公厅老年书画研究会”顾问。擅诗书画、工山水,作品多次入选国内外大展并获奖,曾在“中国美术馆”举办个人画展,出版有“泰山胜览” 、“中国书画百杰-如敏作品选”等,其传略被收入多部辞典。 Read more

Cai Shengye i

by Hong Sen on 2010/11/30

Cai Shengye was born in 1947 in Jinan, Shandong. He graduated from the Shandong College of Chinese Medicine in 1970. In the summer of 1963 famous Xingyi Master He Hongbin introduced him to Mr. Hong Junsheng to study Chen Style Taijiquan. As a result, he became Hong’s indoor disciple.

Mr. Cai is honest and humber. He is intelligent and has an insatiable desire to learn. He respects his teacher and his profession. Master Hong Junsheng deeply loved him. Hong taught him Yilu three times with explanations of each move. Master Hong also had high expectations of his physical condition. He introduced Cai to study the pole shaking from Mr. He Hongbin and the art of night walk from famous Qinggong master Wang Qiuxia. Read more

张光宗先生1938年生于山东省宁津县,后移居济南。1965年毕业于曲阜师范大学中文系,毕业后来到(原山东建筑工程学院)现山东省建筑大学社科部工作,曾任教研系主任、系部主任职。1998年退休。 Read more

30 Years of Waiting 4

by Hong Sen on 2010/11/08

On Oct. 28, 2010 my taiji uncle Zhang Guangzong came to my father’s house for a visit. He solemnly presented a diary that he had kept for 38 years to me. Read more