Chen Baoshan

by Hong Sen on 2011/02/15

Chen Baoshan was born in Feb. 1946. He studied Long Fist, 24-form taijiquan, Broadsword, staff, etc. while he was working at the Shanghai Optics Factory in Shanghai. After he was transferred back to Jinan for work, he started learning Chen Style Taijiquan from Hong Junsheng in 1980. He retired in 2006 but continued to practice according to the requirements taught to him by Hong Junsheng and also started teaching to promote Hong’s art.

He is a calligrapher from childhood. He also likes chess and taijiquan. He is an expert in calligraphy and painting mounting. He once helped the Leaping Springs Park to carve placards. He participated in many art exhibitions in Lixia District and in Jinan city. He is a member of Jinan Retired Government Employee Art Association and a member of the Lixia District Art Association. In 2007 was accepted into the “Contemporary Chinese Martial Arts Who Is Who”.

About Hong Sen

洪森 洪均生先生之嫡孙一九六六年出生在中国山东济南市,一九八一年开始在济南黑虎泉学拳,获得2004年中国马鞍山“恒生杯”国际太极拳交流大会,传统陈式太极拳冠军。

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