Cai Shengye

by Hong Sen on 2010/11/30

Cai Shengye was born in 1947 in Jinan, Shandong. He graduated from the Shandong College of Chinese Medicine in 1970. In the summer of 1963 famous Xingyi Master He Hongbin introduced him to Mr. Hong Junsheng to study Chen Style Taijiquan. As a result, he became Hong’s indoor disciple.

Mr. Cai is honest and humber. He is intelligent and has an insatiable desire to learn. He respects his teacher and his profession. Master Hong Junsheng deeply loved him. Hong taught him Yilu three times with explanations of each move. Master Hong also had high expectations of his physical condition. He introduced Cai to study the pole shaking from Mr. He Hongbin and the art of night walk from famous Qinggong master Wang Qiuxia. These basic training methods built up a strong foundation in him. According to Grandmaster Hong Junsheng’s requirements, Master Cai learned his taiji correctly, in details, mastered basic foundations, knows how to apply to other situations, trained a lot and experimented a lot. He followed Grandmaster Hong for 33 years. He has deep understanding of the following concepts:

  • Revolution and rotation
  • Borrow power and intercept power
  • Balancing power
  • Reeling energy
  • Sinking and grinding
  • Sinking the rear and issue the front

He used these concepts in his teaching and has achieve great results.

Mr. Cai’s routines are pure and correct, very much like his master. He is also humble enough to learn from his fellow brothers and kept friendly relationships with many of his taiji brothers. In 1984, he learned the Chen Style Sword from Master Chen Yuxia. In 1985, together with brother Xu Guicheng, he recorded Grandmaster Hong Junsheng’s Yilu and Cannon Fist, which is now seen all over the world. He co-authored an article “The Health Function of Chen Style Taijiquan and Discussion of the Relationship with Yin Yang and Meridian Theory”. In 1991 Grandmaster Hong Junsheng wrote to him with high expectations “More detailed research to be combined with physiology and medicine so that you can reach achievements.”

Master Cai is now retired. He was a researcher at the Basic Medicine Center of the Shandong Provincial Medical Research Council, a professor of basic foundations of the combined Chinese and Western Medicine with graduate students under his supervision; was a director of the Cancer Branch of the Chinese Medical Association; director of the Gerontology Branch of the Shandong Medical Association; director of the Biological Medical Engineering Association of Shandong; committee member of the Blood Circulation Branch of the Shandong Chinese Medicine and Herbology Association. In his retirement, Mr. Cai follows his master’s tutelage and tries his best to promote the art of his master together with his brothers and students.




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