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The strongest geometric shape is the triangle.   Read more


Master Chen,
I am starting to feel something new.  It’s related to the post on the “Sweet Spot”.  Is it possible to initiate movement or generate power from the elbows?  I cannot differentiate the difference yet.  Read more

Sweet spot i

by Allan Haddad on 2012/01/01

Over the past few months I have noticed something becoming more and more prominent.  On elbow in, I hit this “sweet spot” where it feels like everything is locked up to it’s maximum – very stiff almost bone on bone feeling in between the joints, yet muscles are softish.  So much so that the tip of my fingers vibrate as if from reverberation.  I don’t get this feeling from any other movement, so I’m not sure if this normal?

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These notes were compiled by myself throughout the workshop held July 2-3.  I have done my best to recapture important topics, therefore any inaccuracies are entirely on my behalf.  The notes are presented as they were written – chronological and point form. Read more

Kua i

by Allan Haddad on 2010/06/10

Thanks. Not a problem.

There are two ways of looking at this.
  1. For focused training you need to use the medium stance. Read more