by Allan Haddad on 2010/06/10

Thanks. Not a problem.

There are two ways of looking at this.
  1. For focused training you need to use the medium stance.
    Focused training is when you take a move out of the form to train it. Specifically, in order to grind at a certain principle.
  2. For general training you should adopt a large (bigger) stance.
    General training is when you know the entire choreography. You need to do the whole form many times a day to get the consistency, cardio, muscular, alignment and coordination. I have students who have done the yilu form over a hundred times a day for this reason. Nick can tell you about this.
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Chen Zhonghua

On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 2:18 PM, Allan Haddad <haddadallan@msn.com> wrote:

Hi Master Chen, I hope this is the right email address to use. I attended the Toronto workshop for the first time a few weeks ago. Thank you so much for coming out and I am looking forward to your next visitation. I was convinced from that point forward that this is the method I want to focus my taiji training. I am now exclusively learning Practical Method Taiji through Nick Mann twice a week. He is a great teacher. If it is alright I hope you do not mind if I ask you a question now and then for reference. Please let me know if I am overstepping where I should be in taiji with my question(s). Right now my main focus, as advised by Nick, is to open up the kua. In doing this, I find it easier to start feeling the correct rotation in the power kua and stable kua if I stay at a comfortable mid-level height i.e. thigh and leg are approximately 120 degrees apart. Is it better to go as low as possible and torture myself – which I don’t mind doing – or stay mid-level? Nick advises the latter. Thank you for your time.

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