Questions for the Berlin Workshop 2016

by admin on 2016/06/03

Questions students prepared for the June 2016 Chen Zhonghua Berlin Workshop.

Athanasios Alexatos

Master Chen can you show us and tell us a few things about the 8 energys in practical method ?


Chen Laoshi, do you know how many Yilus you did so far?
How many time do you spend training, doing all the travelling? Does training change over time (exercises while sitting instead of Yilus for instance)?



One Master of Aikido gave me advice, not to train outside in public parks and not to do Pushhands at public places. It is possible that people suck energy away, and also that negative energy can attach one.
What do you think on that?

How can I design a small daily training schedule, probably with different focus every week?


In order to balance out long sitting while working, can or shall I train basic foundation and the form with a special focus?


Dear Master Chen, I appreciate your line of Taiji because of its down to earth approach, coming in without any supernatural concepts of Chi-energy. But in your biography of Feng Zhiqiang you mentioned a Grand Master Hu Yaozhen, who was able to defeat his opponents with his Qi directed out of his index finger, an experience which Feng also made. I always thought this a kind of mumbo-jumbo, but I may be wrong. What is your opinion as an insider? Have you ever seen this kind of power exercised in China today and has it any meaning for your Taiji?


What´s about the Jian and Dao? When did they became a part of Chen Style Taijiquan? Are there exercises like “Two Person Sword” for the Dao?

When do you publish volume two of Hong´s Taijiquan book? ))


Can it be good to do (other) sports in addition to Taijiquan training? Football (soccer) for example works a lot with the legs. For Taijiquan work with the legs are very important but different as in football. Is football a good training that improves the power of the legs and helps to to good taijiquan trainig? Or should I stop football for better learning of taijiquan? Same for other martial arts, lets say kickboxing?


Is it possible to get pain around stomach area and ribs after years of training and becoming more flexible around thorax area?


Chen Zhonghua said on his website, that way after Hong´s death in the early 2000 he made a breakthrough in training. Does it mean, that his time with Hong was in vain ? How he managed to merge the techniques with the later attainment of the gong ? Thx

How come there is only one master who will inherit the true transmission in each generation?


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