Taiji Training Plan

by John Upshaw on 2022/08/18

Timeframe: Until 2023 North American Practical Method Training Camp

1.      Improve lower body structure and functionality

  1.  Train power on the inside of the legs
  2.  Switching feet drills
  3.  Stepping drills with rubber cord

2.     Creating a bie in push hands.

  1. Recognize it in the forms
  2. Create it on first touch in push hands
  3. Drill it in applications
  4. Add a scissors component to pushing and drills.

3.     Create rhythm in push hands

  1. 1-2 better yet 1-2-3 rhythms
  2. Drill sections of cannon fist
  3.  Sand bag and long pole training
  4. Look for the end of the opponent’s move then apply a rhythm change during push hands.

4.     Yilus

  1. With stretch from armpit to kua.
  2. Sequentially get lower
  3. Stretch from bai hui to hui yin
  4. Done so in a segmented manner
  5. Done full
  6. Done not moving the outside
  7. Elbow in hand, rear kua in hand, rear heal in hand

5.      Cannon fist

  1. Focus on not moving the dantien
  2. Speed and crispness
  3. Attention to footwork

6.     Review

  1. Camp Videos and make necessary Addendums.
  2. Continue to add addendums with adherence ongoing classes.

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