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by Shopmaster on 2022/01/05

Presenter: Chen Zhonghua  Length: 79 mins  Difficulty: 3/5  Language: English  
Year: 2022  Location: Edmonton, Canada  

Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson 20220105
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Alex Wu Navarro January 16, 2022 at 3:00 pm

*** Personal notes on the video ***
– All pinyin is written in full capitals with tone indicated as a number following it (easier to lookup if you want the corresponding character later).
– The notes below are a reflection of the notes I take during class, shared here to incentivize people to watch the video, and do not in any way constitute a replacement for it.
– Personally, I think these sessions with CZH are always filled with golden nuggets.

Acronyms used in the notes:
– LF = Left foot
– RF = Right foot
– LN = Left Knee
– RN = Right Knee
– LL = Left Leg
– RL = Right Leg
– LK = Left KUA4
– RK = Right KUA4
– LH = Left Hand
– RH = Right Hand
– LE = Left Elbow
– RE = Right Elbow
– LS = Left Shoulder
– RS = Right Shoulder
– LA = Left Arm
– RA = Right Arm
– CL = Chest centre line
– TH = Top of the head
– PC = Positive circle
– NC = Negative circle

– Section 1: Shoulder movement discussion
– NC correction and exercise
– Flip shoulder and KUA4 making a large movement (it’s like a cone with the tip, a fixed point, is the hand, the relatively larger circle at the base of the cone is the movement of the shoulder)
– Exercise: Circle on the wall with LH, keep hand on that track and then make a circle with hand on the wall.
– The LS moves up and keep line with RF
– Movement analogy: using a Chinese medicine grindstone
– Like a manual drill, fix two ends (opposite hand and foot) and move the off-axis handle.
– PC is the same
– Moving the inside creates a lot of power compared to just moving the hand
– The up and down movement of the body right now is just bouncing up and down, but later down the road it is related to how connected to the ground you are

– Section 2: Student’s corrections:
– Pull down in Pound Mortar (JGDD) ending movement with the LE, do not push down because pushing down causes us to pop up
– Need to review class again for the LFSB mention to power from the back
– Connection between moves need to be from the inside not from the outside
– Example in walk obliquely should be like the shoulder exercise
– Start from DT: Either from LS-LK line or RS-RK line.
– Once initiated the hand continue from half of the movement
– Do not instead initiate from hand and then try to make inside move
– Starting with hand looks good, feels easy, but is wrong and does not help with the training what it is supposed to be training
– All moves should be like walking, only one at a time with a switch-over
– Without switch over, everything is finished and released
– There is no crossing place (deadlock).
– You need to twist and untwist
– To be smooth, you need to be a large lake (trickling from top the overall lake)
– Brace (bit and brace) is a tertiary system.
– Function are templates, demo and showcase, to function you need to have a quaternary system (system based on 4)
– Highest level is 5 elements
– 5 element stability is stability
– 5 point elements to be stable in 3D space
– Leads to rotation
– The form is always 45 or 90 degrees change. When in doubt do 45 degrees and then if you’re wrong you know you missed something.
– Fist Draping Over Body (PSC) is elbow power (RE and then LE) so much that the forearms do not end perpendicular to the floor: they form an acute angle with the floor
– Hand stays out and locked so there is a rotation, which gives the BIE4
– A lot of movement on the elbow without movement on the hand
– Power needs isolation of body part
– Back fist is very difficult because it is in between two movements that are natural to people. (Please watch since it cannot be described easily with words)
– Need to have stretch it’s not just a pure elbow movement, it needs to radiate back from LK and stretch up to RK
– When power is trapped in the body, need to think of throwing to very far outside the body, so you can perform the action (later you try to control it)
– When practising throwing, do not save the throw for another day: do it like it’s do or die. Then you will succeed at throwing.


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