Daqingshan Scenery June 2021

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/06/06

Wang Ting Hotel on Daqingshan

Chang Xing Training Hall inside Wang Ting Hotel

Taiji families DQS 20210604

Every day is different. DQS 20210604

Castle 20210604

Big green mountain DQS

Country road DQS 20210604

DQS 20210604. You can see the red roofs of the Magnolia Hotel from this flower field.

Working, training, learning, writing notes, what keeps you going, Chen Zhengan?

Sunrise or Dusk? DQS 20210604

Morning or evening DQS 20210604

Mountain Top DQS 20210604

Mountain Top DQS 20210604

Training with weight DQS 20210604

One of the ruins of the old Daqingshan 20210604

DQS 20210604

Flowers in spring DQS 20210604

Flowers in spring DQS 20210604

Flowers in spring DQS 20210604

Flowers in spring DQS 20210604

Dragonfly DQS 20210604

Taiji signpost DQS 20210604

Taijiquan Treaties stone crafted DQS 20210604
Every summer, we attend Master Chen Zhonghua’s workshops here.

Sifang Pavilion DQS 20210604

View from the castle DQS 20210604

Stone Hat DQS 20210604-Ingenious workmanship of nature or human?

Flower and the little ones in spring DQS-20210604

Yu Lan Ge-DQS
This is the witness of the second stage of Taiji development in Daqingshan. The first stage is Han Wang Ting.

Snail climbing the tree-DQS
A bit like how we learn Taiji.

Round balcony in DQS international hotel

Taiji signpost in DQS

Taiji square in DQS

Main gate of DQS-2

Main gate of DQS-1

Mountain and cloud DQS 20210604 (8)

Cloud DQS 20210604

Bird, leaves and branches DQS 20210604

Tree houses in DQS-2-20210604

Night view of Junsheng Taiji Square in DQS-20210604

Taiji Qingshan Logo in Wang Ting Hotel

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