Fixed Points and a Line:  Re-Discovering Past Lessons

by John Upshaw on 2021/05/21


Yesterday I was pushing hands with a student of mine, Randi.  I was focused on maintaining my core and having everything rotate around that.  I am training a recent breakthrough.  Then I decided to a fix a point on my student’s rear foot. At a 2014 workshop in New York Master Chen Zhonghua told Levi Sowers, Bruce Schuab and I to anchor on our opponent’s strong point. The rear foot was her strong point.   My ability to catch her dramatically increased and it happened with ease.  I then decided to create a point in space well beyond her.  When she pushed me and I kept that anchor point…my body adapted to that point and created a line…as soon as I hit that line, it pushed her back without me pushing her. Last week Kelvin Ho was working with me on aiming and creating a line…so when accidentally stumbled upon it I was able to recognize what it was.

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