2021.07.22-25 The North American Practical Method Training Camp

by John Upshaw on 2021/05/17

Location: Prairiewoods Franciscan Spirituality Center
Date: July 22-25, 2021

The North American Practical Method Training Camp is back on! Most people have not physically practiced Taiji with another person for over a year due to the pandemic. In organizing this we had to make some adaptations and innovate as a means of overcoming our current challenges that is presented to us by this global crisis. Master Chen Zhonghua will not be physically present; however, he will teach a daily lesson by way of Zoom. All adult participants will be required to have been vaccinated.
The taijiquan training, lodging and dining will be at one location with one cost at the same location as last year. Master Chen will provide a daily online Zoom class as previously mentions, his disciples will be providing all other instructions. This will be an intensive workshop focused on foundations, drills, form, push hands and applications. Other areas of instruction may include Chen Style Jian and Broadsword.
There are 32 accommodations on-site and 2 single occupancy cottages. However, there is a possibility we will limit the number of participants, which will depend on the current situation.

1 day with lodging $180
2 days with lodging $360
3 day with lodging $500

9am check in and check out is following your last day breakfast.

For more information please contact:
Levi Sowers lpsowers@gmail.com (515) 321-3747
John L. Upshaw johnnyupshaw@yahoo.com (319) 404-3962

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