John Upshaw’s Online yilu Correction 03/18/2021

by John Upshaw on 2021/03/18

For my yilu correction, after my front foot goes out during Lan Zha Yi (Block Touching Coat), as my foot settles on the ground, my front foot and knee needs to significantly close more.  After this, or during later on in my training, the knees and below doesn’t move and my waist moves forward into position through the action of the kuas making an adjustment, which moves the waist forward without disturbing what is underneath.  This then becomes a scale, lower body as the rod and elbow as the counterbalance.

My impressions of the correction, after I tried this on my own, as my waist moved forward by way of the kuas, my front knee felt more stable, I felt I have more power from the dang area, and my dantien moved into a position that I think could become a pivot during applications when executing Liu Feng Si Bi (Six Sealing and Four Closing).  However, this needs to be tested out.  Additionally, this correction needs to be drilled as it is in many places in all of our forms.


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