Online Yilu Corrections with Master Chen Zhonghua on December 10th 2020 by John Upshaw

by John Upshaw on 2020/12/11


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• Whenever you do a move with the arm, it doesn’t effect the torso.
• Then enhance the size of the arm movement.
• Then when you do arm movements, the torso can move up and down. They are still functioning separately.
Movements are separated when:
• If then they’re considered touched.
• If body specifications match, it is called real.
• movements need to be totally independent.

The device
Master Chen show the device that Alan made that you put your foot in and it locks the knee. This is the training more real you get the real feeling.
The device allows you to train it hard. To train it soft you need something like Styrofoam so you have sensitivity of totally not moving the knee. When using the devices you can do circles, choir opening exercises and put yourself and push in positions.

These devices are made to change the body structure. It is important we follow Master Chen’s procedures. It is to change your body structure that will allow us to deal with stronger people.
Velvet because well rounded body coordination and increasing a range of motion (flexibility).

My little corrections
44. Dan Bian (Oblique Single Whip) no corrections

45. Qian Zhao (Forward Trick) no corrections

46. Hou Zhao (Backward Trick) No corrections

47. Yie Ma Fen Zong (Part the Wild Horse’s Mane on Both Sides)
I have the rhythm right. However when I’m at the end of the stretch my front shoulder tosses or rather protrudes to the side. But I need to do is stretch my rear foot to my hand as a means of taking align that actually increases the length from the foot through the torso to the hand.

48. Zuo Zhuan Shen Liu Feng Si Bi (Turn Left with Six Sealing and Four Closing) no corrections

49. Dan Bian (Single Whip) in the beginning of the single left at the right Phoenix Eye hook hand, The hand needs to be locked. Distend stretches to the right vertical line and remains stretched. This then stretches to the central vertical line, and then to the right vertical line. It is to create a stretch horizontally through the body.

50. Tui Bu Shuang Zhen Jiao (Step Back to Double Shake the Foot) My starting back is good. When I jump up I need to have the whole body connected , move from the rear hills to jump and not lose the integrity of my body . In other words my body cannot fall apart.

51. Yu Nu Chuan Suo (Jade Girl Works at Shuttles

In the jump,my arms need to be stretched and remain static while they are in the area.Let the bottom jump and keepmy arms straight. This will allow for upper lower body separation

52. Lan Ca Yi (Block Touching the Coat) no corrections
53. Liu Feng Si Bi (Six Sealing and Four Closing) no corrections
54. Dan Bian (Single Whip no corrections


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