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by Shopmaster on 2020/10/11

Master Chen Zhonghua’s Toronto Workshop March 2020-5
Presenter: Chen Zhonghua Length: 9 min. In: English Year: 2020 Difficulty:4/5 At: Toronto, Canada

Master Chen Zhonghua explans the Practical Method signature move: Fist Drape Over Body. This move requies coordination of the entire body. Master Chen gave Kelvin Ho a lot of detailed corrections.

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Kelvin Ho October 12, 2020 at 6:17 am

2:48 The beginning of our movement must be at the end of the opponent’s. There must be no gap. If there is a gap, everything is reset. There is no advantage for us.


Kelvin Ho October 12, 2020 at 6:17 am

2:53 Fist Drape Over Body Requirements:
1) Hand, Elbow and shoulder form a boomerang (a triangle missing a side). When we do Fist Drape Over Body, we must maintain the boomerang shape at all times with each arm. My problem was that I changed the shape of the boomerang (I opened my elbow specially). At the beginning of the move, I also didn’t place my elbow at the right place. Master Chen corrected me multiple times.
2) The stance shouldn’t be too wide nor too small. It should be wide enough to create a challenge.
3) In order to move the right boomerang, we need to engage the right shoulder and kua. Press the shoulder down while push the kua up. This will cause the tail bone to shoot up.
4) The right kua and left chest is a rod. It will become longer. The increase in length matches the rotation of the right boomerang.
5) As we do in with right elbow, the left hand will automatically go out and down in a negative circle manner.
6) The 3rd bone on the neck and the tail bone form an axis, which will extend or contract as the left and right sides of the move switch.


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