Ami Ganiel Yilu on Oct 15, 2020

by Ami Ganiel on 2020/10/25

I recorded my illu about 10 days ago and put it here with the hope to get some corrections.

Since then I’ve been corrected on part of my Illu by Master Chen and observed few other getting corrected on the online Zoom class. The online classes are very beneficial for me and I experiencing great shift to my practice and the level of understanding. Already in this point when I watch my own video I can recognise many points which need polishing.

I would love some comments and I will put couple of weeks another video with my improvements.

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Kelvin Ho October 26, 2020 at 8:38 am

1. Overall the choreography is there.
2. Each action should be more distinct (segmented). Elbow-in and hand-out need to be more clear, e.g. where it should be an elbow-in, you are moving your hand. e.g. 0:13.
3. Your shoulders are too tight at the moment, and your actions mostly start from your shoulder. This requires doing a lot of yilus to be corrected over time.
4. Please also shoot the video in landscape mode in the future.

Thank you for posting.


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