Negative Circle Procedure Notes – Master Chen Zhonghua Online Zoom Lesson – 18 Aug 2020 – Brian Chung

by Brian Chung on 2020/08/18

Master Chen and Kelvin Ho provided instructions and corrections on the following Negative Circle procedure.

Negative Circle Procedure

(1) Grab your front kua with the opposite hand. Pull it to lead with the kua. Leave the front hand behind, no move.

(2) Hook your hand on your elbow. Lock front elbow, rear elbow, and rear shoulder into a triangle, no move. Only rotate your kua.

(3) Grab your bicep, no move. Drop your hand. Ensure the wrist is straight. Grab the top and bottom of your front shoulder. Rotate the arm as one piece initiating from the shoulder.

– The movements of taiji are an illusion. They are made up in your mind. The real movements are three independent moves that are unrelrated. When they are unrelated this is separation of yin and yang. Example – Listeners synthesis of music.

– Exercise – elbow on the books (to not move the upper arm).

– When you move from the inside, it is everything stretching out. this is called tong 通 (to go through). This is most important in energy aligment and energy flow. Tong has been mistranslated into flow. The movement is called tong. It is not called to flow. Tong is a technical description. Tong is to to enter one side of the tube and to exit out the other side.

– Master showed an exercise to lock the top and move the feet in relation to procedure step 2.




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Winston Wang August 18, 2020 at 8:38 am

Provide my note witten before I read Brian’s as a comparison, hopefully will make it more clear:

Negative circle

1. The front hand stays in the air, adjust the elbow, shoulder and kua. The movement is from the Kua.

2. Everything above the waist doesn’t move, stays in the same places related to each other. Only turn the kua back.

3. Whole body stays in the same place, only drop the forearm until there’s a line created from the shoulder to the middle finger.

4. Rotate that line from the shoulder.

**Each body parts only does it’s own movement without mixing with each other. In combination, it creates an illusion of a smooth movement.

**Flow is the idea, tong(通) is what it’s actually doing. Tong means a total transfer of the movement from one end to the other end.

**An object move from A to B is called a revolution. This object flips by itself is called a rotation.


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