Six Sealing Four Closing Notes – Master Chen Zhonghua Online Zoom Lesson – 27 Aug 2020 – Brian Chung

by Brian Chung on 2020/08/27

Master and Kelvin Ho provided instructions and corrections on Six Sealing Four Closing today.

Six Sealing Four Closing – Kelvin Ho

– Hand does not move. Dantian initiates the action. Kua lines up with elbow. Rotate the dantian to push the kua out.

– To connect the rear leg through the kua to the front arm. We don’t want the upper body there.

– Create a line from the front arm to the rear foot.

– The front shoulder is usually forward. Push the shoulder down.

– Master showed a physical example with a large horizontal stick touching the front of his upper arm. Throughout the action of six sealing four closing, the arm extended without pushing the stick.

– Anything that is a new move is something fundamental. It is not something you can do. No matter how simple, you will not have the ability to do it. Correcting habits are very difficult.

– It is possible for the shoulder to not get involved.

– (1) Understand. (2) Imitate. (3) Find a method (e.g. Use a physical object. Do not use your beliefs.)

– Exercise: (1) Kua pushes the head up. (2) Front shoulder slides down.

– My correction. The shoulder has to go down. When I did this, the head did not go up.

– Second correction. (1) The direction of the front hand must go forwards. It cannot go up. (2) Push the front shoulder down to further extend the stretch.

The three foundations are Twisting the Towel, Fetch Water, Six Sealing Four Closing. Three pairs of tears.

Twisting the Towel – Frontal tear [front]

– Fetch Water – Sideways up and down tear [down]

– Six Sealing Four Closing – Level right handed 45 degree horizontal tear [side]

– The purpose of the exercise is to stretch the two hands to cause something in between to break.

– Six Sealing Four Closing. The idea is that it is not this, not that.

– The original energy is called the Dan. Where is that thing? It is not outside of you. But you cannot find it inside you.

– It means an automatic transmission.

– When something is switching all the time.

– Master demonstrated that when you change the kua, the ratio changes.

– Clear demonstration: The hands are doing 50/50. When you add kua, the ratio changes.

– Switching of the gear is that on the same scale, you change the pivot. Your opponent cannot feel it.

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