Double Negative Circle Notes – Master Chen Zhonghua Online Zoom Lesson – 21 Aug 2020 – Brian Chung

by Brian Chung on 2020/08/21

Master and Kelvin Ho provided instructions and corrections on the double negative circle. (1) Fist draping over body (2) Double push down.

Master gave a physical example: hold a stick to cross a door that is 3 feet wide and 6 feet tall.

– Level 1. Holding a 4 foot stick horizontally. You are stuck. You cannot exit the door.

– Level 2. Rotate the stick until it is vertical. Now you can exit the door. This is called to have a stick (in applications).

– Level 3. Now the stick is 10 feet long. (1) Rotate the stick until it is vertical (2) Rotate the stick until it is a dot. This is called you are like a shadow. Your body does not exist (in fighting).

– When you rotate the stick there is no movement. There is no change.


– The elbow in coincides with the crunch of the stomach. Otherwise the elbow does not clutch onto that dantian. Master squeezed his dantian with his hand to show the action.


– Your body is a bicycle wheel with spokes. Every part connects to the centre.


– My correction – Fist draping over body. My head is moving. Eyes lock must lock onto a target. The turning must be isolated from the centre rod. The concept is that of a door hinge.


– Question – what is to be upright? Master held a wooden stick. To be upright is to be holding the top. To be holding the bottom is not upright. It is called suspended as a plummet. Top pulling is upright, bottom pushing up is not.


– When you stretch the two ends you are in the realm of being upright.

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