Double Negative Circle Notes August 21, 2020 – Edward Liaw

by Edward Liaw on 2020/08/21

Notes from the Zoom class on the double negative circle.

Missed the start of class :(.

  • Missing information is a change. Originally there may have been two steps of equal weight. But by missing one, it becomes unweighted.

Example: Crossing into a door while holding a stick.

  1. If the door is 3 ft x 6 ft, holding a 4 ft stick horizontally won’t cross.
    • Level 1: rotate the stick vertically.
  2. Now with a 10 ft stick you can’t cross again.
    • Level 2: rotate it to point through the door.
  • When pointed at the opponent, the stick becomes a dot.
  • When you work from a 3d point of view, there are no movements. need to review the video on this part
  • Elbow coming in has to connect with the dantian crunching. They have to clutch together.
  • Body is like a bicycle wheel, must be connected to the hub with spokes.

Fist draping over body (async double negative circle)

  • On withdrawal of elbow, it must be clear that the hand is fixed and the elbow leads.
  • Keep eyes locked to rotate torso.
  • Must have a hinge in the middle that’s totally independent. Thin core. Nose to belly button.
  • The shoulder must be like a pulley. It can’t move with the movement. The movement must slide over it.
  • Shoulder must be sunk but cannot go down.
  • Hold the chest and push it downward as the elbow comes in. Lock the point on the shoulder.


  • Core must be upright, even when it’s not upright.
  • What it means to be upright: Power from the top holding it.
  • Suspended from the top – plumb line. Top pulling makes it upright.
  • Also: Must be stretched. Hung from the top.

Double downward squeeze (sync double negative circle)

  • Being loose is only imitating the movement – missing intent.
  • Arm straight such that the move is expressed at the tip. Don’t move the elbow.
  • All the movement comes from the feet and only expressed on the hand.

Original video:

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