Dixian 底线 Bottom Line Notes – Master Chen Zhonghua Online Zoom Lesson – 14 Aug 2020 – Brian Chung

by Brian Chung on 2020/08/14

Basic Knowledge for learning

(1) Jiaodui: Re-calibration

(2) Dixian: Bottom line

(3)Can Zhaowu: Reference Points

Dǐxiàn 底线 is called the bottom line (standard, background information, point of reference).

– We must recalibrate according to a standard.

– If you do not have the bottom line you cannot start.

– In learning we cannot be stuck and debate the basic premises. When we do something we have to make an assumption. Then we go from there. Many years later you may find that the assumption was not 100% accurate. But without it you cannot start.

– E.g. one is in with elbow, out with hand. You cannot ask why. For example, if you are learning to use the keyboard, you cannot keep asking why the letter [a] is where it is.

– The basic thing you cannot question. It does not belong in the dimension of things to be discussed. It belongs in the dimension of things to be learned. This is a learning process.

– Memorise it, accept it, use it.

– It is a process of accumulation. Never about right or wrong. It is about efficiency and learning faster.

– When the Dǐxiàn 底线 is bigger, it takes longer to get it. But you can do more with it.

– 8×8 = 64. The combinations are equivalant to entire human experience. Unfortunately the yijing became a technique or a trick, instead of a philosopy on how to guide your life.

– Question: How many basic moves are there in Taiji?

We assume the dixian in taiji is 13.
wu xing ba fa = 13.
The are 8 in your body, 5 directions with your feet (four directions plus the centre)

– There are three types of Dǐxiàn 底线 . Principle / Concept / Action

– 13 is the Dǐxiàn 底线 in physical movements.

– The bigger the dixian, the more you can do with it.

– Master tends not to show the 9 count positive or negative circle. Of the nine counts, the last is to settle, an adjustment. So there are eight.

Master teaches a 3 count circle – in, turn, out.
If there are 8 counts, you will not be able to do Yilu anymore.

– When you don’t know it the Dǐxiàn 底线 you think it is secretive knowledge. When you do, you realise it is a science.

– You recalibrate your perception to Dǐxiàn 底线 . Then use it to change yourself.

– Only a method has a system.

– Knowledge itself is like data. It has no sequence. Your understanding gives it sequence. Data / Thinking. Your understanding is intelligence. We call that knowledge. otherwise it is just information.

– When you learn the most important is to commit the things I teach. This is the building up of the Dǐxiàn 底线 . That is the learning process.

– Commit it to memory. Relate to things you know. Then when you retire, you will realise that ah, this is how it works. Then you know the whole system.

– The sequence is a method to ensure you can get it more effectively.

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James Tam August 14, 2020 at 8:43 am

Thank you Brian Chung for a quick and excellent summary of today’s Zoom meeting (Lesson 2) by Master Chen Zhonghua! (2020.08.14)


Steve Doob August 18, 2020 at 4:01 pm

Yes, Brian. Very clearly stated. My take is that the dixian has to be assumed before your learning can really begin. If you question the tai chi bottom line you’ll be speculating that something else is correct and you’ll be wasting time, because your speculation as a tai chi novice has no value. You should decide what you want to assume before you do anything else. Once you’ve decided what to assume, you can proceed with your learning while always having that assumption as your bottom line.


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