Dao Shou 倒手 Notes – Master Chen Zhonghua Online Zoom Lesson – 25 Aug 2020 – Brian Chung

by Brian Chung on 2020/08/25

倒手 Dao Shou

Master and Kelvin Ho explained, demonstrated and gave examples of Dao Shou.

Physical example: To open the lid of a jar.

Assume it takes three entire turns to open, but your hand can only turn 90 degrees.

(1) Hold the jar with your left hand, turn lid with your right hand for 90 degrees.

(2) Switch the right hand position while the left hand does not move.

Repeat cycle from (1).

This switch must be done as many times as required to open the jar.

– Kelvin demonstrated Dao Shou in relation to the Positive Circle. (1) Elbow in. (2) Turn with waist. (3) Lock the elbow. The forearm rotates in position. (4) Then the hand can go out.

– To say that you understand but you cannot do it is a false assumption.

– Only when something is a double agent it has the chance to belong to side A or side B. For example, the elbow can belong to the hand or to the waist.

Other Physical Examples of Dao Shou:

Master holding and turning his glasses.

Master turning the cap of his coffee cup.

Kelvin demonstrated a top/bottom example.

A Ratchet.

– Yin is rooted in Yang. Yang is rooted in Yin. The reference point interchanges.

– When you are on a swing, you are not making any advancement.

– Example of a boat hitting the waves on water. Each time the wave hits it, it advances one. This is exactly how we do push hands. Every bounce you advance one cycle.

– It is not smooth.

– The size is always the same. When you switch your kua, you advance.

– A move that looks like its back and forth, that has no meaning. Because of the switch, becomes something that catches and advances.

– To switch, we must separate.

– Exercise: In Positive Circle, after count (2) turn with waist. Sink the chest. Separate this from the shoulder. The shoulder and upper arm do not move.

– Dao Shou is a sequence. To switch is to have a sequence.

– Our body is a mess. We must put our body parts into a sequence. Random is wrong. Together is wrong.

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