Dao Shou 倒手 Notes August 25, 2020 – Edward Liaw

by Edward Liaw on 2020/08/25

Notes from the Zoom class on the concept of dao shou.

Began with practicing moving step positive circle. All of us missing the key concept of doing dao shou.


  • Hold a jar and only turn the jar lid. The hand is only capable of making a fraction of a turn. Instead of turning the lid back and forth, we lock the position with the other hand and reset the turning hand position. One hand doesn’t move.

Switching and locking

  • Need to be able to switch.
  • After elbow in, turn the waist. Lock elbow. Hand rotates and leads out.
  • Switch side: the elbow can belong to the waist (interacting with the waist) or the front kua (interacting with the hand).
  • Swinging back and forth is not doing anything – not advancing.

More examples

  • Like a boat falling over waves. The wave pushes the boat up, then the boat switches to the other side of the wave and goes over the wave.
  • Hand comes in and locks – advanced the kua.
  • Causes your opponent to move in space, while you only rotate.
  • Chest moves backward (down) as hand goes out.


  • Being able to switch is to have a sequence. 1 2 3. Another sequence is 3 2 1.
  • Walking is a sequence. Your crotch is the middle, your two feet will switch back and forth. Bite is your foot locking on the ground. Can use walking as a reference to understand other moves.

About Edward Liaw

I have been a disciple of Master Chen since August 2018. I began practicing Practical Method in March 2015, when I spent 3 months full time on Daqingshan.

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