Breaking news: Cormorant Can’t Swallow Eel

by 胡歌 on 2020/07/22

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Student: Why can’t the cormorant swallow the eel?


A) Don’t play with your food! The cormorant should stop tickling the eel and just swallow it.
B) The cormorant is eel.
C) The cormorant can’t get behind the eel.

D) A, B, and C.

The master continued:

The truth is, the eel must have studied this video: Switching in the positive circle.

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Brian Chung July 30, 2020 at 8:36 am

From the Cormorant’s perspective:
The size and shape of the cormorant’s beak does not allow it to wrap around the eel.
At any point in time the cormorant only has two points of contact on the eel. There must be at least three to secure it. Five is required to swallow it.

From the Eel’s perspective:
The eel has the ability to move where it is not touched by the cormorant. It is able to separate yin and yang.


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