Taiji Appliations 2011 Online Video Class: Part 3 The 4 Essential Taijiquan Techniques

by John Upshaw on 2020/06/14

In the previous section I covered The  4 Essential Taijiquan Techniques, which included Peng, Lu, Ji & An.  I left that lesson on here for review and quick reference.  In this finial section, part 3, I will cover The 4 Corner/Auxiliary Techniques, which include Cai, Lie, Zhou & Kao.  It is located after section 2.   Subsequent information from Master Chen’s writing will also be included in the descriptions. For those that are interested, I will moderate a Zoom discussion about all 3 sections this coming Sunday July 5th at 8 am CST. If you want to attend and can’t, please message me and we can set up a private Zoom session.

Section 2 Lesson: The  4 Essential Taijiquan Techniques (section 3 proceeds this)


In the video Master Chen describes peng as expanding, no bending, no stopping, consistent , even and as one piece.  Every move must have peng in it.  It is the initial contact with the opponent.  It is to touch with inflated energy, thus absorbing the energy of the opponent and neutralizing the incoming attack.  It means being “full” making your body strong. It is adding the opposite direction of your opponent’s push.

In the GIF below, you can see the “fullness”


SmartSelect_20200614-113532_MX Player Pro


 In the GIF below, Master Chen is full, and adds one


SmartSelect_20200614-113553_MX Player Pro



Lu is used to deflect and control an approaching opponent by following the incoming impact from an opponent.  One must follow the opponent without deviation.  The the opponent’s move is complete, you add one the same direction and one the same trajectory.  You must match or mirror with him/her that will give that feeling of emptiness.

Master Chen demonstrates being full and adding the same direction as the opponent and on the same line on the GIF below

SmartSelect_20200614-113838_MX Player Pro


Another example of Lu that adheres to the same principles as previously described

SmartSelect_20200614-113944_MX Player Pro


Below Master Chen Shifting between Peng And Lu

SmartSelect_20200614-114048_MX Player Pro



Is to “press” or “squeeze” without applying power ye,  to take out space!  It is subtle and difficult for the opponent to detect until it is to late!  Master Chen made a sttatement in the video that out of all 8 of the techniques, this is the one to train the most.

Watch Master Chen take out the empty spaces

SmartSelect_20200614-114157_MX Player Pro

Again Master Chen goes to where he is not

SmartSelect_20200614-114303_MX Player Pro

All the space is taken out…just totally engulfed

SmartSelect_20200614-114352_MX Player Pro

In this GIF Master Chen see’s the empty spaces and moves in without needing a contact point

SmartSelect_20200614-114847_MX Player Pro


To press or push.  It is a sudden release of energy…attach & release.  Like a hammer tapping a nail.  Separation is crucial!  The body does not move with when the tap occurs.  In the 2 GIFs below observe the sudden release without the other body parts being drawn into it.


SmartSelect_20200614-115240_MX Player Pro



SmartSelect_20200614-115337_MX Player Pro


Section #3 Lesson: The 4 Corner/Auxiliary Techniques


“Pluck,” or “pull down.” This is a pulling or yanking technique that uses the body weight and connection. This method adheres to the principle of Opening.  It is upward or downward, “anything to pull up the root”.

See GIFS below

SmartSelect_20200704-155655_MX Player Pro

SmartSelect_20200704-155807_MX Player Pro


To cause a split or break.  This is a  movement that can be viewed as an extension to Cai. First, it is a larger movement than Cai. Secondly, it changes direction after completing the Cai portion of this movement. This method adheres to the principle of Opening and Splitting.

In the GIF below Master Chen demonstrates a move that 1st is cai and turns it into lie.

SmartSelect_20200704-160528_MX Player Pro

Below are GIFS of lie.

SmartSelect_20200704-160045_MX Player Pro

SmartSelect_20200704-160228_MX Player Pro

SmartSelect_20200704-160343_MX Player Pro

SmartSelect_20200704-160528_MX Player Pro


This means to twist.  The GIFS below make it very clear.

SmartSelect_20200704-160715_MX Player Pro

SmartSelect_20200704-160824_MX Player Pro




This is a method of striking with the shoulder and the whole body. A typical application is the move of “to Walk Like a Wall” in the second set Cannon Fist of the Chen Style Taijiquan. This move adheres to the principle of Opening and Splitting.  It is Peng (full) with the back foot.  It most commonly uses the shoulder, back of the shoulder and hip during applications or in fighting.

Please see GIFS

SmartSelect_20200704-160942_MX Player Pro

SmartSelect_20200704-161029_MX Player Pro

 SmartSelect_20200704-161053_MX Player Pro

SmartSelect_20200704-161200_MX Player Pro


1. Beginning. 2. Basic Energies in Taiji Applications. 3. 8 Techniques in Taijiquan. 4. Some Applications.
Presenter: Chen Zhonghua   Length: 53 min.   In: English   Year: 2011  Difficulty:3/5  At:Daqingshan International Taiji Training Center

Taiji Applications 2011
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Section completed with GIFS.


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