“Cooking up Something Good”

by John Upshaw on 2020/01/12

Mise en place (French pronunciation: ​[mi zɑ̃ ˈplas]) is a French culinary phrase that means “putting in place” or “everything in its place”. It refers to the setup required before cooking, and is often used in professional kitchens to refer to organizing and arranging the ingredients, the components that a cook will require for the menu items that are expected to be prepared during a shift.

Master Chen often has referred to “the set up” before applying power…before doing “your move”.  What are the ingredients (components) of your set up?  What needs to be in place before you do your move/apply power?  Please add ingredients!!!

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Kelvin Ho January 12, 2020 at 10:06 am

Set up a lever in a way that is ready to tip over with the slightest touch.

– Create a non-moving needs as the pivot
– Create a solid rod as the lever arm.
– Fix the entire lever, so it does not move itself.
– Put the opponent on one end of the lever.
– The pivot can be placed at different points of the solid rod to change opponent’s position on the lever without moving the opponent himself/herself.
– If the opponent is on the long end, remove the stopper holding up the long end, so he/she will fall down.
– If the opponent is on the short end, push up the long end to cause the short end to go down.


John Upshaw January 12, 2020 at 3:21 pm

One of my ingredients is “fullness”. Some examples include the three basic vertical stretches: 1. Hold the head to sink the shoulders. This stretches the neck. 2. Hold the armpit to sink the Dantian. This stretches the torso. 3. Hold the front of the thigh to stretch the opposite shoulder. This stretches to kua. There are other areas I stretch as well.


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